Brendan Halyday


Brendan Halyday is the writer of Xtreme Champion Tournament. He also lettered the comic and inked page 2. What a talented guy. Brendan also writes the Oswald Monster Wrestler comics, writes and draws the autibio comic Panic! and draws expensive portraits of people as zombies. His first art book, Zombified came out in April 2014, and looks real purty.


XCT: 0
Oswald, Monster Wrestler
Panic 1-2
Sketchbook comics 1-5

51% 1-2
Clubhouse Comics 1-2

Zombified art book
Panic 1-2
Sketchbook Comics 1-5
Clubhouse Comics 1
The Dirt Nap
Kagemono Tooth and Claw
Kagemono flowers and skulls


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